Couch Grass

The Perfect Grass For The Sunny Bay of Plenty, Coastal Areas, Sandy Soils, and Dry Summers;

  • Requires Minimal Water
  • Loves Summer
  • Rapid Establishment
  • Mows to a Carpet Like Finish
  • Hard Wearing Yet Soft Under Foot

What is Couch Grass?

Couch is the variety of grass and is known for its' characteristic of having a natural interlocking weave, which provides strength while staying soft and spongy underfoot.

Growth & Characteristics


Couch Grass provides a beautiful fine leaf, hard wearing lawn, that mows to a carpet like finish.  Low water use, it is tough and holds together exceptionally well, making an ideal choice for high traffic areas. From commercial projects such as school sports grounds and childcare centres to residential lawns for your family and pets enjoyment.  Or simply a green oasis at your beach house just to sit back and admire!


In warmer regions and coastal areas it will remain green year round.  In winter due to colder temperatures, Couch Grass goes into natural dormancy.  If hit by a frost it turns straw coloured and loses it colour for approximately 2 months.  Your couch will quickly bounce back and green up come spring almost before your eyes – trust us we know because we have a Couch Lawn out front ourselves!


Prep your surface with 50 – 100mm good quality topsoil.

Dress the ground with a good NPK fertiliser.

Level your surface.

Lay your Turf (We suggest to lay turf immediately once you receive it).


Starting from one edge, place it down in an alternating brickwork pattern.  Any irregular bits, or small areas can be cut in using a bread knife, shovel or other cutting implement.

If all that preparation and installation work  does not sound like your thing, give us a call and we can put you onto someone who can help you, they can deliver your turf, cut-in those finicky edges and roll your lawn (if rolling the surface is required) and make sure that initial 25mm water soaking is put into action.

If you have any questions about installation, or watering your turf, please contact Shane on 0800MYTURF.

Care & Maintenance


Now that your Couch Lawn has been laid, it is very important it is watered immediately.

If the turf dries out at this stage, some browning of the leaf will occur.  This recovers quickly if kept watered. The establishment watering phase is very important, both to cool and hydrate your lawn.

  • Water immediately once laid with a good 25mm soaking.

  • Couch Grass needs to be well watered during the establishment period.

  • Water at least twice a day for the first two weeks to keep the turf wet. 

Now it is time to think about ongoing maintenance to keep your lawn looking great and in top condition.


  • The common rule is to remove no more that 1/3 of the leaf at one time.
  • For best results mow weekly during the growing season at 20mm.

  • Edging to control runners will be necessary in the  growing season.

Couch should not need mowing from approximately June to August, this due to its natural winter dormancy.  Mowing during this period will remove leaf that will not be replaced until Spring.  This opens the surface to excessive wear and weed invasion.


A good NPK slow release fertiliser should be applied in Spring.  This will encourage green up and repair any damage over the early Summer months.

  • In Summer Nitrogen may be applied to enhance colour or help fill in any bare areas.

  • In Autumn apply a potash fertiliser to harden off the grass for Winter.


In order to maintain your pure Couch surface;

  • Control cool season grasses in Autumn and early Spring. 

  • Broad-leaf weeds should also be controlled in Spring and Autumn using Escort or Turf Fix.

  • Once established, hand weeding is often sufficient.

 Insect control may be necessary in Summer to control grubs etc.

If you have any questions about maintenance for your turf, please contact Shane on 0800MYTURF.



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