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At Maddison Turf we believe everyone should be able enjoy the benefits of an Instant Roll Out Lawn - phone me today and I will help you make it happen -  Shane Maddison.

Want Your Instant Lawn To Be a Legend On Your Street?

Welcome to Maddison Turf, nestled in the Lower Kaimai, Tauranga, fringed by native bush and the constant sound of bird song.  You will find Tauranga's own Turf Farm - Maddison Turf owned and operated by Shane & Christine Maddison.

Maddison Turf grows & supplies its own grown Turf or Instant Lawn, servicing Tauranga and outlaying areas from the Coromandel down to Whakatane.  We currently grow & supply the following varieties Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Kikuyu & Couch Grass.

Tall Fescue  has been a new addition to Maddison Turf, with the farm under major redevelopment during the 2015/2016 season with the vision to bring this variety of grass direct to Tauranga. We would like to  thank all our clients & customers for their patience while we are basically "watching the grass grow" waiting for it to mature so we can be confident that we supply a top quality turf grass to the local market. 

Maddison Turf offers you cost efficient Instant Lawn for a lifelong solution.  Instant Roll Out Lawn for all projects from commercial to residential, retirement villages to grass in your own backyard.


Can I lay Instant Lawn myself?

If your budget wont stretch to having someone lay your turf for you, no problem we can give you advice on how to lay it yourself. Click on our DYI installation tips brochure below. 

Or you may choose to have your Landscaper or an Installer supply & lay your Instant Lawn for you.

In need of a Landscaper? Let us suggest a few for you to choose from.

We are here to help make myturf yourturf!

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Supply Instant Lawn

Connect You To The Right People To Lay Your Lawn

Advice on DIY Instant Lawns

Grass Varieties

Tall Fescue  

First Grade   Selling Jan 2024

Second Grade Sold Out

Fine Fescue 
Sold Out

Couch Grass

Selling Jan 2024

Kikuyu Grass

Selling Jan 2024            

Wholesale Enquiries



Tall Fescue  Selling Jan 2024 

Tall Fescue Seconds Sold Out 

Kikuyu Selling Jan 2024

Couch Selling Jan 2024

Visiting Us

Maddison Turf is a Site Safety Restricted Area.

Report to Site Office At All Times.

Note you need to book your Turf into be harvested.

Allow 1 to 2 days between booking & pick up / delivery.

Please contact us first, to ensure someone is on site to assist you. 

Turf Grass Specs.pdf Click here for pick up trailer & pallet specs



Need Grass Fast? On a Tight Budget?

Seconds Direct From the Tauranga Turf Farm
Is The Answer


Sold Out

IMG_0680 (600 x 450).jpg

* Second Grade Product Has Foreign Grass In the Tall Fescue & rolls are fragile
resulting in some rolls with the grass in pieces - ideal for small lawns DIY.

Second Grade Now Available  LIMITED SUPPLY Sept 2021

$9.00 + GST Per Sqm Pick Up

*Local Delivery Add $1.50 + GST per sqm 
Minimums May Apply 

Just go to our Contact Us Page enquiries welcome
Need DYI Installation Tips?  Pick Up Info Just Click on Our Links Below;
DIY Installation Tips.docx.pdf
Pick Ups
Turf Grass Specs.pdf


Handy Tips For Your Instant Lawn

Winter Couch Grass

A good tip for going into Winter is to adjust your mow height and leave your Couch a little longer, which will provide some protection against any frosts.

In the Winter months - in warmer regions and coastal areas Couch Grass will remain green all year round.  In Winter due to colder temperatures, Couch Grass goes into natural dormancy.  If hit by a frost it turns straw coloured and loses it colour for approximately 2 months.  Your couch will quickly bounce back and green up come Spring before your eyes!

Tall Fescue

As the temperature cools off avoid watering your lawn unless it is really dry. It is time to bring up your mow height as your lawn starts to slow down, and make sure you catcher your grass clippings if you are currently mulching, allowing as much sunlight as possible to your lawn. Thats another good reason to rake up any autumn leaves as these can ultimately kill off the grass underneath.

Reduce your mow frequency and it doesnt hurt to make use of this time to get your mower serviced as sharp blades in the winter season can help reduce fungal infection.

We hope you are enjoying your green space no matter what the weather!

The Team at Maddison Turf


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